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our idea - your innovative experience

our know how, our desire to reach the perfect shirt.

high end construction, details and passion.

for everyone, amazing shirts accessible to everybody.

Japanese Jersey


Popeline Stretch


Easy Living


the ONE PIECE collar style

colorless and timeless shirts



Focus on Quality

High Quality fabrics: the 2 ply fiber is a longer fiber that gives to woven fabric more shine, durability and easy iron.

sewed at 8/cm

split sleeve: sewed in sartorial way to give more movement 

single needle stitching 


Ascolite button wrapping: the ASCOLITE is a particular way of sewing in which the thread stitches the button to the fabric with a heat-seal technic. Thanks to Ascolite an unsolvable bonded “neck” called a “button shank” keeps the button firm and prevent it from coming off..

giglio sewing