about us

Antonio Laverda was born in Thiene, Italy on June 2nd, 1976. Laverda graduated from Bocconi University in Milan.

In 1973, Francesco Laverda, Antonio’s father, created Nuova Taela and started GUY ROVER. As a kid, Antonio was a frequent visitor of the company’s workplace, where he had plenty of opportunities to acquaint himself with the art of shirt-making. Antonio took over his family business when he graduated from university.

“Cutting, sewing, ironing, and understanding all the details - the essence of shirt-making lies with the fact that one is able to do all of these at an ever so advanced level,” said Laverda.


Antonio’s Laverda’s shirts come with three major promises: a three-dimensional form, functionality, and exceptional comfort.
In addition, the pattern alignment that runs through all his shirts, sewed at 8/cm, leaves no slack even with the smallest details. Such fine work can hardly be found in shirt by long- standing high-end shirt companies in Italy. This is the sort of commitment which Antonio has been making his shirts which. 

The unique patterns that serve as the bases for Laverda’s shirts, which have been modified and fine-tuned to accommodate to ever-changing physiques and needs, come from Antonio’s years’ worth of studying markets around the world.